Young women are now establishing their mark as influencers, entrepreneurs, and models in the digital world. The rising awareness of their rights and the open-minded thinking have made them realize their true worth in life. One such inspirational open-minded personality is Veronica Noriega.

Veronica Noriega, is a model and a fashion, beauty and lifestyle entrepreneur. Her Fashion & Glam bar, the house of stash is located in Atlanta’s Little Five Points district. She is the sole owner of it and operates it from there. The boutique and salon provide a one-stop-shop for “Glam” offering hair, makeup, nail, and fashion consulting services. 


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Veronica is a rock-solid woman entrepreneur and model
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The story of Veronica Noriega can serve as inspiration to many people who seek to make it in this world. Certain elements are required for sustained success, and Veronica checks every box. Ambition, intellect, motivation, and an unrelenting work ethic are some of the qualities that have shaped the model into who she is today. Veronica is now a staple in the fashion and business world, but her rise to prominence can be traced back to her humble beginnings in California. 

Veronica began her career as a model in California and she has also worked as a makeup artist. This accomplished Latin beauty; Veronica always had an eye for fashion and entrepreneurship. In 2009, she moved to Atlanta in pursuit of business opportunities, which led to her current successes.


Veronica Noriega consistently promotes her current brands by hosting pop-up shops and large-scale events at major venues in Miami and Atlanta. The mom still finds time to spend with her family and is currently working on a new line with her nine-year-old daughter.

Managing her modeling career as well as the daily operations of her online boutique and physical storefront keep Veronica quite busy. She willfully takes on the challenge to ensure their success.

A sought-after fashion model, she has been featured in World Latin Star, All HipHop Models, Kaboom Magazine, PattyCakez.com, Fftv Magazine, Hype Magazine, Thisis50, and TheSource numerous music videos in the past and has grown to become a fashionista and business owner. Veronica strives to empower women who are looking to become financially independent and overcome personal obstacles. When she’s not working, you can find her at the gym, traveling, having dinner dates with friends, and attending sporting events with her children.

Through social media, she shares her vision and inspires her followers to follow their dreams and stay true to themselves. Learn more about Veronica Noriega, her thriving businesses, and check out her current projects — at The House Of Stash

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The world of fashion and beauty always had a huge impact on her and she made it her mission to reach the greatest heights of success in the same. She kick-started her career in modeling while in California and also worked as a makeup artist. Her quest to achieve something in the fashion industry also grew the urge in her to accomplish something better by becoming an entrepreneur. To fulfill this dream, Veronica shifted to Atlanta in the year 2009, to search for various business opportunities and grow her career into the world of business.


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