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Who is Veronica Noriega


More than a pretty face, international model Veronica Noriega, is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle entrepreneur standing strong amidst the adversities of 2020. She owns and operates The House of Stash Fashion and Glam Bar, located in Atlanta’s Little Five Points district. The boutique and salon provide a one-stop-shop for “Glam” offering hair, makeup, nail, and fashion consulting services.​ ​

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Press & Media

Meet Veronica Noriega: Model, Entrepreneur & Brains Behind Fashion Brand, The House of Stash.   

Young women are now establishing their mark as influencers, entrepreneurs, and models in the digital world. The rising awareness of their rights and the open-minded thinking have made them realize their true worth in life. One such inspirational open-minded personality is Veronica Noriega.

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fashion & editorial focus

Veronica Noriega consistently promotes her current brands by hosting pop-up shops and large-scale events at major venues in Miami and Atlanta.

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Veronica Noriega not only is a successful entrepreneur and model, but she shares her vision for the empowerment of women across the globe and has received an outstanding following.

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